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the Chrome Extension which allows user to open two or more websites in one tab.

What does it do?

Like above, SplitCast lets you show multiple websites in one tab. All you have to do is click the Add button and enter URL.

Why would I want to do that?

Well, the biggest reason of this app was created is the Google Chromecast. Unfortunately, you cannot send multiple tabs with it. Here comes the SplitCast.

Any practical example of use?

Yes, I created this because I wanted to workout and listen to music at the same time (using Chromecast). So... + is the main reason.


  • view multiple sites in one tab
  • resize/hide/show/remove sites
  • customize screen width
  • remember sites after extension refresh
  • easy to use
Free download from Google Chrome Web Store

Attention! In order to stream contents of SplitCast to TV, you need a ChromeCast device and Google Cast Chrome extension!